Contact Information

  • company address
  • Phillips Enterprises
  • America’s Oil - AMSOIL
  • 1446 N. Conway Springs Road
  • Conway Springs, KS 67031-8035
  • contact numbers
  • Toll Free877.267.6450
  • Local Number316.393.5611
  • Fax Number620.456.2344

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America’s Oil

AMSOIL - The First In Synthetics®

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Miscellaneous Things

  • A more conventional footer which is at the bottom of this page
  • Working contact & newsletter form javascript to validate and PHP to send the email. Also us javascript to provide a success message without a screen refresh
  • Three entire sites included, one with a three column footer, a simple footer (shown at the bottom of the this page) and site that does not include the style changer (you choose the color)
  • Photoshop file for the background images, buttons, bullets etc. used throughout the template

jQuery code

  • Contact form slide panel
  • Company news scroller
  • Stylesheet changer
  • Form validation & success message without a screen refresh
  • Superfish dropdown menus
  • Adds a grey background to every other item in the business table
  • Changes business table row color to red when hovered
  • Main navigation background hover - I have also provided a style in CSS to do this without jQuery

Commented CSS code

Commented HTML code

Commented javascript code

Additional Lists

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  • We value our service 100%
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